Where We Were to Here We Are


Keihinjimia Tsubasa Park …

Keihinjimia Tsubasa Park Bathroom Restoration Project

Removed and reconstructed three outdated restrooms, shelters, and Azumaya in Keihinjima Tsubasa Park.
DFA Design for Asia Awards 2021 - Bronze Award, Architecture Masterprize 2021 - Misc. Architecture Winner

House in Portland

House Overlooking Cascade Range

Our first new residential project out of Japan has been realized, a house with a spectacular view overlooking Mt. Hood. It is the result of smooth collaboration between the non-Japanese client, designers, and builders.

Apartment Renovation in A…

Personal Space with Family Connectivity

The segmentation of the couple’s area is carefully engineered;
The wife’s aesthetic preferences reflect the kitchen and the wet bar and study for the husband.

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