Project Flow

  1. Contact Us
    • Contact us by inquiry form or e-mail.
    • Potential clients in Japan or abroad are welcome.
    • Assist property search (upon request.
  2. Initial Meeting
    • Guidance on our approach and the design process.
    • Possible Agenda : budget, schedule, and desired quality.
  3. Proposal
    • Takes approximately one to two months.
    • Presentation with drawings and image renderings.
    • Discussion based on the proposal, what to keep/lose.
    • (Approved) The proposal fee will be included in the design fee if a contract is awarded.
    • (Not approved) The project will be terminated at this stage. The proposal fee of 100,000 yen will be charged. Re-use of rejected proposal materials is prohibited.
  4. Design and CA (Construction Administration) Contract
    • Set a target design and construction cost and period.
    • Conclude a Design and CA contract.
    • Apply the terms and conditions issued by the Japan Federation of Architects & Building Engineers Associations (the most commonly utilized in Japan).
  5. Schematic design “Kihon Sekkei”
    • Check of relevant regulations.
    • Conduct a ground survey (additional cost required).
    • Meetings over the drawings and images.
    • Fix the positions of walls and columns.
  6. Detailed Design “Jisshi Sekkei”
    • Prepare construction documents followed by the schematic design.
    • Choose products and materials at the showroom.
    • Consultation with government and inspection agencies.
    • Apply for a building permit.
  7. Estimate
    • Request an estimate from construction companies.
    • Evaluate the estimate.
    • Modify the design and adjust the price with necessity.
  8. Construction Contract
    • Sign the construction contract.
    • Start construction.
    • Ground-breaking ceremony “Jichin-sai” if desired.
  9. CA (Construction Administration)
    • Visit the site every 1-2 weeks to supervise the progress of construction
    • Framework Completion Ceremony “Jyoto-shiki” upon request.
    • On-site approval of finishes, materials, colors.
    • Completion inspection by the building permit application agency.
  10. Completion and Delivery
    • Inspection by the client and take over the property.
    • Explanation of how to use the facilities.
  11. One Year Inspection
    • An inspection will be conducted approximately one year after the delivery.
  • At least one year requires from the contract to the completion.
  • Renovation work may not require a building permit.
  • Recent rise of the construction materials impact construction costs and schedules.
  • We ask a photographer to take completion photos after the furniture is brought in.
  • The problems after the handover is managed with cooperation with the construction company.

Design and CA (Construction Administration) Fee

  1. 1. Private residences
    [Design and CA Fee Rate]
    – 12.5-12% : Construction cost of 20-30 million yen
    – 12-11% : Construction cost of 30-60 million yen
    – 11-9.5% : Construction cost of 60-200 million yen
    – Basic design fees of Structure and MEP (Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing)
    [Not included]
    – Consumption tax
    – Transportation and accommodation expenses outside of the 23 wards of Tokyo
    – Design and CA fees for special structures, special facilities, and seismic retrofitting.
    – Fees for Landscape design, lighting design, acoustic design, photography.
    – Land development and building permit application fees, registration of the property, preparation of construction cost estimate, geological and property surveys.
    – The minimum design and CA fees are 2,000,000 yen for small-scale renovation.
    – “Construction cost” refers to the total amount of the construction contract with the construction company and does not include the design and CA fee.
    – Overseas and foreign language projects will be handled on a case-by-case basis.
  2. 2. Apartment buildings, offices, hotels, and commercial facilities
    – Please consult with us separately.
    – Design and CA fee schedule are available upon request.
  3. 3. Payment schedule
    – Contract: 10% of the fee based on the estimated construction cost.
    – Schematic design: 15% of the fee based on the estimated construction cost
    – Detailed design: 50% of the fee based on the actual construction cost. The portion already received shall be readjusted.
    – Construction Administration: 25% of the fee based on the actual construction cost.