As I have struggled through hunting and acquiring (then renovating and flipping) an apartment in Brooklyn, I can surely relate to those who face obstacles when purchasing real estate or even renovating a space in Japan. I would like to support them with my expertise as there are so many unwritten codes of conduct in practicing architectural projects. You need guidance.

For my doctoral thesis, I have studied and researched such differences in design processes. If you are keen to learn the uniqueness of the architectural practices in Japan, please read my research“THE TASK DISTRIBUTION OF DESIGN TEAMS IN THE JAPANESE ARCHITECTURAL PROJECTS: Comparison with the United Kingdom and the United States” and “A Comparative Study of Design Process in General Construction Companies and Design Firms in Japan.”

Masatoyo Ogasawara Architects has a proven track record of managing projects with academic insight and pragmatic experiences. If you have any questions and need more clarifications, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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Those projects with non-Japanese clientele will show the firm’s design capabilities which is essential to lead design projects to success. We are confident to provide such support to meet the various needs of our international clients. Contact us!

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